Job Opportunity – Ad Operations Manager/Director –

 The Ad Operations Manager will play a critical role within company ensuring successful campaign delivery for rapidly growing sales team. Interfacing with YouTube Ad Operations, O&O website’s Ad Operations tools, forecasting inventory, monetizing evolving digital properties and strong analytical [...]

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One of Our Super Secret Projects Was Officially Announced Today!

We have been busy working on a super secret project for Social Media Sports Management where I sit on the advisory board. We just rolled out their cloud based learning platform that provides social media training and certification to professional [...]

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This Is Why Comcast Should Not Be Allowed To Buy Time Warner!

A Comcast customer tries to cancel their service for over 8 minutes... This is exactly the problem with Comcast purchasing Time Warner Cable. The Government should make a law that makes it incredibly easy for a customer to cancel their service! It [...]

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Job Opportunity – Social Media / Advertising – Los Angeles

Job Description Want to bring something new and exciting to your existing Ad Agency relationships that will help them meet their clients’ digital marketing goals? Something so exciting and powerful that it just caused our company to grow 15X in [...]

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